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Theace where our tour takes part, JUMA RIVER RESERVE, was chosen by the authorities to be a UC,s ( Jungle Conservation Unit )  because of its beautiful and diversified composition.

The area has lakes, flooded jungle, small channels, primary jungle and swamp. Our proposal is to explore these environments by the use of typical wooden canoes or hiking. This kind of tour gives us the chance to be in closer contact with nature, offering the opportunity to see a bit of everything.

Animals definitely you see there: The fresh water Dolphins, Caimans, Many birds, fish and monkeys. Other ones such: Snakes, jaguars, armadillos, tapir and capivaras you have a 50% of chance to see. It depends on the weather and time you have to wait and be luck. Our Camp House is composed of 6 private rooms with bath room and toilet inside, big house for hammocks and floating houses. We have a generator to recharge batteries and use candles during the night.

5 Days 4 Nights Lodge Juma Camp House  

1º Day (Morning)- Leaving from the hotel at 8:00.
Arrival at Juma Lake Reserve 10:30
Obs. The itinerary will be done by: Car / Speed boat / Car / Speed
boat (it normally takes 24 four hours to get to the place in a regional
boat, but with the transportation mentioned above and going by the
shortcuts, it takes only three hours).

What can you see on the way?

1. Meeting of the waters.

* On the first speed boat you are going to have the opportunity to take

photos of the natural phenomenon "The meeting of the waters", involving the
Negro and Amazon rivers.

* During the car ride (after the 1º speed boat) it is possible to see
"Varsea" (the low land which stays around three months covered by the Amazon
river waters, being, because of that, very fertile, and is used by the
local people to plant vegetables and fruit.

3. Water lilies.

* On the way, during the car ride, it is possible to stop to see this interesting specie of water plant with its big leaf floating on the water.

* On the second speed boat you have the chance to navigate in a
"narrow" river until reach juma lake reserve. It is a so nice experience as you have the chance to enjoy different landscapes from the Amazon environment.

ARRIVEL AT Juma Camp House

Around 11:30am, already at the Lodge, it's going to be set the place where you are going to sleep in the first night (hammocks or beds), depend on what you have reserved.


After lunch, you will go for fishing piranhas and other species of fish, watching for the Birds and Dolphins and the natural environment with its peculiarities.  So, during the first afternoon you will be canoeing for watching the amazon.


 5. Alligator spotting

Around 7:00 in the evening, you go for Cayman spotting ( the expert will spot and catch the animal with bare hands without harming it, and after explanations and photos it is going to be put back into the water ). Where are you going to sleep the first night ? We offer you the option of sleeping in Hammocks, beds in Collective dorm  or Private rooms with beds and hammocks. 

2º Day (Morning) - Early in the morning, around 5:15, the guide might wake you up to see the sunrise (it is optional). After breakfast its going to be provided a trekking in the jungle until the lunch time, when it will be explained about:  medicinal plants, animals, insects, types of trees, useful stuffs used by the local people, and everything that is possible for the guide to explain.


In the afternoon the adventure will continue when the guide, after organizing the food to be cooked and the equipments, is going to take a motorized canoe to go one hour into a small river in order to find a good place for camping in the jungle.


(2º Night the proposal is sleep in the jungle )

3º Day(Morning)- After the jungle breakfast the group goes for walking to visit
the local people, known as "Caboclos", the third generation of the natives.


We going to move to a Caboclos' family, where we going to pass the night.

(Evening )

Will be spent in the native people house where you have the chance to know more about these people and the way they live.

4º Day(Morning) -After breakfast with the family another hiking in the jungle will be organized by the guide in a different area.


Canoeing for fishing and observation of animals.

(Evening )

Spear fihsing with a harpoon known as "Zagauia". The guide will show you how to do and you can try yourself.


It will be spent in the lodge or in the jungle, depend on you.¨

5º Day - The proposal is to explore a chanel by paddling canoe and observe more wild life.  After lunch we bring you back to manaus, arriving at 17:00 in the center.


1.Transportation for the tour.

 2. Bilingue guide.

 3. All meals.

 4. Equipments for the tour.

 5. Mineral water.

 6. All the activities mentioned in the programme.

 7. Private room for all the nights.

 8. Transportation for the tour.



 1. Alcoholic and soft drinks.

 What to bring along:

 Long sleeve shirt, long trousers, insect repellent, hiking boots or tennis shoes.


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